Our clients change the world.


ENGIE is one of the world’s largest renewable energy companies. With $70bn in revenue and more than 170,000 employees worldwide, ENGIE is a global leader in the transition to a zero carbon future. Their mission is to positively impact local communities, institutions, and businesses by advancing the sustainable energy economy in North America, Europe, and Asia.


Siemens Smart Infrastructure is leading the digital transformation of the built environment with a range of innovative connected products and services. By intelligently connecting energy systems, buildings, and industries to adapt and evolve how humans live and work, their goal is to help customers thrive and communities progress, while protecting the planet for the next generation.

Impossible Foods

What’s the most effective way to reduce your environmental footprint? We’ll give you a hint: It starts with your plate. That’s right — adjusting your diet can be better than getting solar panels, driving an electric car, or avoiding plastic straws. That’s where Impossible Foods comes in. Impossible makes delicious meat, fish, and dairy products, from plants, so you can eat what you love, and save the planet that you love. 

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